Roann on October 2nd, 2012

Here are some photos from last weekend’s gilding workshop in Memphis.

2 finished books

Two accordion books featuring techniques learned in class

Candice's collage

Lovely collage created by Candice Windham using different techniques from class

Candice's tree

Light molding paste applied through a stencil, then coated with foil

gavin's swirls

Sample of gilding with both traditional and unconventional bases

hot glue gold heart shape

Putting the “extreme” in gilding

Judy's interesting alphabet

Lettering with a zig glue pen, then covered with foil



Roann on March 28th, 2012

In October I learned a new book structure (new to me).  It was a book constructed with folded envelopes. Cutting the ends off each envelope created side pockets that are great for holding tags and other inserts.  I fell in love with this concept and have been experimenting with it since then. This book combines that idea with experimental gilding techniques.  Here are a few photos:

View of several folds:

detail of page with music

Another view of several of the pages:

spread out

On this page – variegated gold leaf, and gold applied with stamps:

page with varigated leaf and hand

Gold applied over acrylic gloss medium:

detail of music page

Light molding paste applied with a heart stencil, then gold added:

inside flap green with hearts

Full sheet of gold leaf applied, then painted over and stamped:

inside flap with windows gold painted



Roann on March 30th, 2011

Over the weekend, The Memphis Calligraphy Guild hosted incredible teacher, Rosie Kelly, for two workshops. Saturday and Sunday we learned how to use up our “stash” of old papers. All of us brought in paper scraps we have been saving, and old calligraphy practice sheets.  By the end of the first day, we all realized that we had enough stash to create books for the rest of our lives!

This is one of the beautiful books that Rosie brought:

rosie's piece on brown

Here are a few photos of the first books we made:

deb's book

Above: book by Debe Slocum

mary lou's black book

Above: book by Mary Lou Sherman

ann's book

Above: book by Ann Rabinovitz

On Monday, we created small accordion fold books, mostly in black and white, using tiny pieces we created by making marks on black and white papers. These books took all day to create and assemble. When we were done, we shared the books, and surprisingly, each one was unique.

Here are some samples that Rosie brought:

rosie's long books

detail of Rosie books

detail of 2

Here are the books that we made:

table with books

front of book

part of my small book

Above: 2 photos of my book

Mary lou's small book

At the end of class Rosie received a huge round of applause.  It was one of the best workshops that we have had in a long time.



Roann on March 8th, 2011

The Calligraphy Guild of Birmingham had me in to teach Neuland on Saturday.  There were 16 students who worked hard all day. Here are some samples:

on black



olivia pre painted


papers on the table

I will be back next month (April 30th) to teach Beyond Bookhand.



Roann on December 9th, 2010

This week’s project uses dies designed by Brenda Pinnick.  We all received the shapes pre-cut. I used some of mine as templates for ornaments. The rest I used as a book of Christmas greetings, using calligraphy that I scanned in and printed onto scrapbooking paper.

The two stamps that I used on the ornaments are still available in my Etsy store.

pieces laid out

printed pages

book cover closed


button ornament

book cover closed

book fanned out

Christmas card book

detail of card

detail with merry christmas